The Northeast’s small town cycling capital is home to some of the best restaurants and experiences in New Jersey, Morristown offers a beautiful and relaxing weekend destination just 40 minutes from New York City. The town’s rich history as a weekend destination goes back to the American revolution.

Morristown, George Washington’s winter headquarters, was the place George Washington united with the Marquis de Lafayette to guide the American Revolution and it remains a significant New Jersey culture and hospitality center to this date.

Nowadays, the town is home to 3 important museums: The Washington's Headquarters Museum, The Morris Museum (founded 1913) and the MacCulloch Hall Historical Museum, celebrating cartoonist’s Thomas Nast's work.

Mayo Performing Arts Center is one of New Jersey’s preeminent arts and cultural organizations, hosting over 200 performances a year to more than 200,000 spectators. 

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