EVERY PLAYGROUND HAS ITS FAVORITE RIDES. Ours is made of rolling hills.

45 miles from New York City, hundreds of miles of scenic back country roads form one of the most exciting cycling playgrounds in the United States. At the heart of this playground is Morristown. Location, location location: That’s why Gran Fondo New Jersey is rated one of the top 3 Gran Fondos in the USA for 4 years in a row by Gran Fondo Guide.


Six Cycling Challenges, Ranging 18-125 miles:


The Estremo

Distance: 200 km | Climbing: 9,500 ft

Timed climbs: 6 | Rest Stops: 5 | TREATS: pIZZA, ESPRESSO, CANNOLIS & MORE

For 2019, we are offering a new challenge: The Estremo, a double metric century.

Inspired by the same passion for big goals that gave birth to the original Gran Fondo NJ back in 2011, the Estremo is an ultra-endurance challenge.

The 200 Kilometer Double-Metric Century (125 Miles) features maximum grade of 15%, and 6 timed climbs. It is the ultimate of test of fitness and character.

The Estremo is limited to 200 participants. Riders must maintain a minimum average speed of 16 MPH on this challenging terrain to finish.

6 Timed Climbs

Doggone Hard Hill Climb - Mile 24, Max Grade: 15%
Rollercoaster Hill Climb - Mile 55, Max Grade: 12%
Diablo Hill Climb - Mile 62, Max Grade: 10%
Déjà vu Hill Climb - Mile 76, Max Grade: 12%
No Pain No Gain Hill Climb - Mile 91, Max Grade: 11%
“But Wait…There’s More!” Hill Climb - Mile 98, Max Grade: 9%

The gran

Distance: 107 miles | Climbing: 7,900 ft


The Gran route is our original endurance challenge. We believe that it is still the the most exciting scenic route in the Northeast. What makes it different than the Estremo is that while it is a challenging route it is still accessible to riders at many levels. 

The Gran route is made of quiet back roads, shade, and countless stunning rolling hills that will help you get up the 4 climbs climbs. “The Launching Pad” is one of our most iconic scenic descents that will help you recover and power through the route.

4 Timed Climbs

Doggone Hard Hill Climb - Mile 24, Max Grade: 15%
Rollercoaster Hill Climb - Mile 55, Max Grade: 12%
No Pain No Gain Hill Climb - Mile 71, Max Grade: 11%
“But Wait…There’s More!” Hill Climb - Mile 77, Max Grade: 9%



the Migrane

Distance: 75 miles | Elevation: 5,800 ft

Timed climbs: 3 | Rest stops: 3 | TREATS: pIGNOLI COOKIES, COLD BREW AND MORE

The 75-mile MiGran(e) course is ideally suited to those who want a big challenge but are not quite ready for a full-blown 107 or 125 mile ride. It includes a bucolic ride along the South Branch of the Raritan River leaving Califon, a climb to the top of Buffalo Hollow and the spectacular view from “The Launching Pad" near the end of the Buffalo Hollow descent. The fun ends quickly after that with a right at the bottom, and then the arduous timed climb up Rocky Run before returning back to Califon.

3 Timed Climbs

Doggone Hard Hill Climb - Mile 24, Max Grade: 15%
No Pain No Gain Hill Climb - Mile 40, Max Grade: 11%
“But Wait…There’s More!” Hill Climb - Mile 47, Max Grade: 9%


Distance: 62 miles | Elevation: 4,500 ft

Timed climbs: 2 | Rest stops: 3 | TREATS: SUGAR COOKIES, sandwiches and more

The editors of Bicycling Magazine named the Medio course one of “The 50 Best Rides in America”.  The route takes you through quaint hamlets, alongside chateau-like mansions, secluded lakes, country farms and creek-lined forest roads.  As your reward along the route, we have lavish rest stops at mile 20, 30 and 50 where you can refuel with the usual PBJ, bananas and Clif bars, or spoil yourself on some of our treats.  In previous years we featured home made ice cream sandwiches and cake pops on the course.

2 Timed Climbs

Doggone Hard Hill Climb - Mile 24, Max Grade: 15%
“But Wait…There’s More!” Hill Climb - Mile 34, Max Grade: 9%



Distance: 42 miles | Elevation: 3,100 ft

Timed climbs: 1 | Rest stops: 1 | TREATS: 12 FLAVORS OF ENERGY DRINKS, bars and more

The Piccolo offers the everything which cyclists love about the Gran Fondo experience including the Mass Start, a timed hill climb and lavish rest stop, but on a smaller scale. 

The route winds out of Morristown and takes you through the “chateaus of Somerset County” before winding along Lake Road – one of the hidden gems of cycling in New Jersey.  At the half way point, in Peapack Gladstone, you are welcomed into the rest stop by cheerleaders and Seeing Eye guide dogs and puppies where you can indulge yourself with a wide array of fresh fruits and our signature canolis. 

1 Timed Climb

Mendham "Mile" - Mile 26, Max Grade: 10%


Distance: 18 miles | Elevation: 1,300 ft

Rest stops: 1

The 18 mile Breve (pronounced brev-eh) route is specifically tailored to those who want the Gran Fondo experience but are not quite ready for the longer distances and bigger climbs of the other routes.  If you have a bike in your garage that has been collecting dust, but is calling you to ride, this is the route for you - just make sure you get your bike checked out by your local bike shop before the ride to ensure safety.

The route winds out of Morristown to Mendham, and then back into town through the quaint little hamlet Brookside – where every 4th of July, you can experience a Norman Rockwell Town parade.