Garden State Fondo Awarded #1 Gran Fondo in the USA


We got some amazing news to share today! Gran Fondo Guide awarded us #1 Gran Fondo event in the USA for 2019: "Choosing just one cycling event and recognizing it as being above all others is never an easy task, especially when there are hundreds of other events to choose from" Gran Fondo Guide team wrote.

We want to thank the thousands of cyclists who make our community outstanding as it is and who truly made the event the #1 Gran Fondo in the USA. 

After 4 years of Gran Fondo NJ finishing in the top 3 (and our 2nd time at #1) , we challenged ourselves to create the most ambitious Gran Fondo programming available in the USA and rename the event Garden State Fondo. 

The Garden State Fondo is all about harnessing the amazing experiences that Gran Fondo NJ provided cyclists in the past while increasing focus on the core value of the event: Challenge people at all levels to experience something truly incredible on their bikes in an environment of natural beauty they didn’t know still existed.

Gran Fondo Guide thinks we achieved this challenge: 

What persuaded us to award the Garden State Fondo as the best U.S. Gran Fondo for 2019 is the brand new Estremo challenge and the inaugural weekend programming, making the event the one not to be missed this year."

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