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cannolis For Fuel


Visiting Our Rest Stops is a treat Hunt

Cheesecakes, affogatos, wood fire brick oven pizzas, canolis, pignolis, cake pops, espressos, 8 flavors of electrolyte drinks - Every stop is a destination.

Cycling performance depends on great nutrition. A cyclist riding the Estremo or Gran routes can burn over 4,000 calories over the course of just a few hours. To maintain top performance and mood, the body must be fueled regularly with high quality foods. For cyclists, carbohydrates are the fuel of choice when on the bike. That’s because the active athlete’s body demands fast burning carbohydrates to maintain the body’s physical and emotional needs.

Along the route you’ll find endless fueling options, hand made from fresh local ingredients by New Jersey’s top chefs and pastry chefs. We’ll keep you fueled up with a large variety irresistible treats along the routes. Enjoy the treat hunt!

You can never be sure what to expect at our rest stops, but you can be sure it will be delicious!

Meet Our Local Chefs and Pastry Chefs 

Building the country’s most vibrant cycling community begins by recruiting the support of the society in which we are living. During the years we cultivated strong relationships with local business in and around Morristown. All of the hand made treats are made of locally sourced fresh ingredients. The treats are made by New Jersey’s top chefs and pastry chefs.

Our rest stops culinary partners include The Artist Baker, Cocoluxe, Bex Eatery and Swiss Chalet.

Hit play on the image to watch the videos featuring GFNJ’s chefs and pastry chefs.

Post-Ride BBQ

After the ride is over it’s time to give your body the protein it needs to recover from the long ride. That’s why we are offering a great barbecue featuring hamburgers, cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, pulled pork, locally sourced salads and side dishes, great desserts and soft drinks.